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Painting a picture

We recently worked with the Penketh and Sankey Painting Group to enhance their art workshops by helping to fund professional artists to visit the group.

As a not-for-profit group of art enthusiast and painters, the Penketh and Sankey Painting Group enables its members to try their hand at art in a safe and welcoming environment.

Mrs Joyce Lappin, treasurer of the Penketh and Sankey Painting Group, explains: “Our group is designed to help encourage our members to develop their artistic skills, whilst creating a social occasion for them to meet other like-minded people of a similar age.

“However, as we are not-for-profit it can sometimes prove difficult to fund everything the group needs. We have found in the past that by offering a safe meeting place and creative opportunities, we can not only help to develop our member’s artistic skills, but we can also encourage them to enjoy a new activity and meet new friends.”
Under Our Space, Your Place, we were able to make a donation of £160 to the group to secure a visiting professional artist.

Joyce finishes: “We would like to thanks David Wilson Homes North West for their kind contribution. Our members are very much looking forward to working with the visiting artist.”

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