Our Space Your Place has donated £1,000 to the Bury Veterans Hub Café to help develop a community garden and aviary.

Bury Veterans Hub Café aims to provide relief and support to former armed service personnel in Bury and the surrounding areas who are in need. 

The donation from the scheme will go towards developing a community garden and aviary with the veterans and developing land for use of the community.

This project will allow those who are isolated and suffering from PTSD to safely meet and develop skills such as the planting and cultivation of fruit. 

Anne Mcgladdery, leader of the project, said: “We are very grateful for the donation which will go towards buying fruit trees, vegetables, raised beds and tools and equipment for the new garden.”

The garden is a new development that the veterans and their families have asked for and will build upon the activities that the group offers. 

The produce from the garden will be sold and put back into the hub for further projects in the hope that those involved will be able to achieve accreditations for their work. 

Anne continued: “I think the Our Space Your Place scheme is amazing as it touches and helps those who are outside normal remits which for us is invaluable. 

“The donation will help us carry on our project of the community garden, aiding those who really need not just the physical aspect of the project, but the mental health aspect by safe socialisation and equipping them with skills. 

“It is so important to help local charities and organisations, it aids community cohesion, giving ownership to the great things that we can all achieve, it also gives our members the feeling of being a valued and useful part of the community.”

Rob Holbrook, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes North West, said: “As a leading developer, it is important that we support organisations and charities in order to leave a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. 

“Bury Veterans Hub Café is a fantastic organisation, bringing the whole community together through activities and support and we wish them all the best with their new community garden. In these difficult times, we are encouraging everyone to continue to support local causes like this one.”

To find out more about Bury Veterans Hub Café visit https://www.neighbourly.com/project/5ea97f42c7ac890bb890d095/information

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