Offering a sign

Offering a sign: Recently we have been helping the Signing Choir at Woolston School, working in partnership with them to aid the Choir’s expansion.

The aim of the choir is to increase D/deaf awareness within the region whilst bringing the joy of signed music to D/deaf and hearing people.

Our donation will help to pay for music learning tools such as books and CD’s, as well as transport costs to performances, t-shirts and a banner to put on display when they perform, all of which will help the choir to expand, so that they can encourage more people in the local community to learn British Sign Language.

Helen Andrews, Woolston Schools Signing Choir Co-ordinator, comments: “We were absolutely delighted when David Wilson Homes North West offered to donate £700 to our choir. As a community choir, we are dependent upon donations, and this extremely generous contribution will help us to expand the choir and allow more people to be involved in this great cause.

We would like to offer a massive thank you from all of our team to David Wilson Homes North West.”

David Ince, Our Space, Your Place Project Coordinator at David Wilson Homes North West, adds: “The Signing Choir at Woolston School is close to our hearts here at David Wilson Homes, as not only is it of great value to its local community, but our receptionist’s son, Callum Forster, is also part of the group. The choir also strives to increase D/deaf awareness throughout the community, which is hugely important. We look forward to hearing about the future growth of the charity and hope to watch them perform soon!”

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